Revelation 14

God now rewards the loyalty of the saints, which has at times cost them their life.  In Revelation 14 John begins the prophetic cycle of God’s ultimate judgment and victory.  As it opens the opposing forces are prepared for conflict.  The Lamb stands on Mount Zion with the 144,000, the ideal number of the redeemed.  Three angels fly in midair each with a distinctive message.  One proclaims the Gospel, one last chance for the human allies of the false trinity: the beast, dragon, and false prophet to change sides.  The second angel proclaims the destruction of Babylon (or Rome), which will be detailed in chapters 17 and 18.  It makes sense for the earthly representative of the false trinity to be judged and defeated along with it.  The third angel proclaims that those who align with Babylon will be judged with her.  The chapter closes with two great harvests on the earth.  In the first, based on the grain harvest, the redeemed from all nations are collected and offered to God as the first fruits of all nations.  The second harvest is patterned after the grape harvest.  It is the harvest of God’s wrath and judgment upon those who worshipped the beast.

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