Revelation 11

Chapter eleven of the Book of Revelation is the beginning of John’s ministry after his recommissioning.  Although the narrative will still loop from future to past to present and back again, from here on the primary message is about the ultimate end.  John is told to measure “the temple, its altar, with its worshippers” in Revelation 11.   What temple?  There are four options.  The first is God’s heavenly temple.  Almost no one believes that temple is what John is referring to.  The second is Herod’s Temple.   Full Preterists (those who believe the entire Book of Revelation was fulfilled by 70 AD) believe that is the temple John is referring to.  Dispensationalists believe the temple will be rebuilt in Jerusalem before the end comes and animal sacrifice will be practiced there.   The best option is that the temple in Revelation 11 is the church (1 Cor 3.16-17; 6.19; 2 Cor 6.16; Eph. 2.21; I Pet. 2.5).  In fact this is one of several images of the church triumphing in the midst of trouble which John will use over the next few chapters.  The church’s ministry is similar to that of Moses and Elijah.   The beast will be able to kill the church after she finishes her testimony.   Suddenly, though, God will bring life back to the church.  “At that very hour a severe earthquake” hits and shortly after that the seventh and final trumpet sounds announcing that the Kingdom has come to earth.   Although Revelation announces the “End” here the book has many more things to say in the remaining eleven chapters.


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