Revelation Introduction

Many people read the Book of Revelation in a way similar to how one might read Nostradamus.  They comb its phrases and images for details about the events leading up to Jesus’ second coming assuming it is full of end time secrets.  In my mind this is faulty for more than one reason.  For one thing, why would God give a message that was dark and incomprehensible to His people who were struggling with persecution that they could not possibly understand since it was about events that would unfold over 2000 years later?  The answer is He didn’t.  He communicated a message through John that the people who first received it understood.  It meant something for them and it means something for us.  The better we understand what it meant for them the better we will understand what it means for us.  This message is a discussion of several background issues and provides a fair amount of historical details.  Like the title says, it is an introduction to the Book of Revelation.

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I am a Vineyard pastor and a passionate student of the Bible with an instinctive distrust of "business as usual" when it comes to the story of the Bible. Gratefully I have the opportunity to dig a little deeper and my purpose with this blog is to share what I discover.

4 thoughts on “Revelation Introduction

  1. …just wanted to say thank you for sharing your extensive research with us in Portland this past weekend. This content definately will prompt us to delve into your notes and do some comprehensive study ourselves. Again – thank you and many blessings to you and your family .

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